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Fast, Effective Water Line Leak Detection in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas

Do you need water line leak detection and repair services? If you have suddenly high water bills, soggy patches of lawn, damp odors, or other water-related problems, you may have a leak in your water line system. At Lemko Leaks in Knoxville, TN, we work hard every day to help both residential and commercial clients with all of their water line leak repair and detection needs.

I would very highly recommend these men, they were prompt, polite, and very knowledgeable about the service they provide. They have earned my business with all my rental properties from this day forward. Top notch service!!!!

-Chris H.

I had a water line leak. Called them and within the hour they arrived. Less than an hour fixed leak and made sure that everything was working. I highly recommend them for any problem that you encounter. Thanks to Michael and Derrick for your timely and honesty.

-Billy W.

LOOK NO FURTHER THIS IS YOUR PLUMBER!! So this is the short of a long story. When we called Mike he was on a big job it was going to be a bit before they could come out. 5 adults and 2 toddlers in the house and over garage apartment having to turn the water on and off constantly we chose to call another. BIG MISTAKE!! Company came out and jack hammered up my tile floors in 3 places and tore down walls. $$$ Still could not find the leak as you can still hear it POURING OUT in the wall between the water heater and the shower in the next room. 1st plumber suggested another a leak detection company. Outrageous $$$ and they did not guarantee to find the leak AND did not fix the leak if they found it so we would have to call the 1st plumber back again!! We chose to call Mike back and get on the schedule. On time, friendly these guys are great! His experience and knowledge is off the charts. The first thing he started tracing the lines with his leak detection equipment inside and outside. He then gas injected the lines and found 3 leaks all in the same line OUTSIDE!!! Sound travel. Leak was never inside. Mike and his son spent all day on our pain in the *** issue. Never stopped. Worked till it was done. Price was well beyond reasonable and they are very honest traveled over 80 miles to our home. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Bimmer B.

Absolutely the best! They’re so fast and friendly. I really like that it’s a family business. The work was excellent. We won’t use anyone else again. Thanks fellas!!

-Nikki C.

These guys are great, they came over and found the problems, was very diligent in finding the leak and did not stop until he found all of them.

-Morgan H.

5 Stars isn’t enough!! These guys are GREAT!!! Very knowledgeable, explaining what they are doing, answering all your questions. On time and prices very reasonable. Cover all of East Tennessee and then some. Highly Recommend!!!

-Chris H.

These guys are awesome. Got to us fast, did a good just. Was very happy

-Rebecca J.

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