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Call (865) 654-5729 to Schedule an Appointment!

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Certified Water Line Leak Detection Services

Turn to Lemko Leaks in Knoxville, TN, when you’re having problems with leaking pipes and more. It can be difficult to figure out that you have a water line leak on your own. Of course, you could notice the effects of a broken pipe, such as a massively larger water bill or other problems. That’s where our water line leak detection company comes in. Our water line leak detection service team will quickly and easily find the location of your water line leak and then carefully dig to the pipe, no matter where it is located. Once we’ve found the water line leak and uncovered it, our pipe leak repair experts will put it back to working order in no time, letting your plumbing return to normal operation.

Water Line Leak Detection And Repair Services

Expect the best for your home.

Is your water meter moving inconsistently? Are you experiencing unusually high water bills? Is your yard showing signs of underground saturation? Then you need to call the expert water line leak detection team at Lemko Leaks. Underground water line pipe leaks can seriously damage your property and cause major spikes in your water bill. Only a professional water line leak detection service like Lemko Leaks can accurately determine the location and severity of a potential water line leak. Unlike the competition, we will dig the location, show you the water line leak, and repair it if asked. The other guys simply mark a place on the ground and let you figure out if they are right or wrong! At Lemko, we want to ensure that we will give you the best chance to promptly and properly address any water line leaks on your property.

We also service and repair

  • Irrigation line leaks
  • Well water leaks
  • Geothermal systems line leaks
  • HOA water line leaks
  • Shared community water line leaks
  • Trust our service team to keep your home from flooding again. We’ll patch up your water lines, preventing any further problems in the near future.
  • Save money thanks to our affordable leak detection services. We’ll find your water line leak no matter where it is for an extremely competitive price.
  • Avoid large water bills, soggy lawns, and flooded homes with our water line leak repair. We quickly and easily repair any water line leak, no matter where it is, allowing you to get back to normal life.
  • Rest easy knowing that your time is important to us. Our residential water line leak repair and water line leak detection service company is fast, and we always respect your property and time.

When you’re in need of water line leak repairs and more, give Lemko Leaks a call today.