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Serving homes and businesses across East Tennessee & Western North Carolina • Knoxville • Kingsport • Johnson City • Bristol • Asheville • Canton • Sevierville • Dandridge • Maryville •Morristown

Fast, Effective Leak Detection in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas

Do you need leak detection and repair services? If you have suddenly high water bills, soggy patches of lawn, damp odors, or other water-related problems, you may have a leak in your water line system. At Lemko Leaks in Knoxville, TN, we work hard every day to help both residential and commercial clients with all of their leak repair and detection needs.

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Solutions for Your Home or Business

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Residential Leak Detection

Trust Lemko Leaks to handle your leak detection and repair needs at home. We’ll carefully find the leak in your water line and repair it with minimal impact on your lawn, driveway or sidewalks. 

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Commercial Leak Detection

Keep your business dry with our professional commercial leak detection services. No matter where the leaky pipe is in or around your business, we’ll identify the issue and fix it in no time. 

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Affordable Leak Detection Services

Leak detection services can be expensive and time-consuming. However, thanks to years of experience and our high-tech equipment, Lemko Leaks provides affordable and fast solutions. Whether we’re coming for a scheduled inspection or to provide 24/7 leak repair emergency service, we’re a goal-oriented company that will quickly locate your leak and dig to the exact location of the pipe break. We’ll be as careful as possible to preserve your lawn and landscaping as we complete our leak repairs, leaving you with a great-looking yard and no leaks!

The Leak Detection Help You Require

When you’re looking for fast, effective leak detection services, Lemko Leaks is here to help you. With years of experience, affordable pricing, and high-quality equipment, we’re ready to find your underground leaks and take care of them in no time. Call us today to have our team dispatched to your location. 

(865) 654-5729